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Digital Speedo



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The SPEED HUD (heads-up display) device offers drivers an invaluable driving aid by projecting the speedometer onto their vehicle's windshield, allowing them to stay focused on the road.

The device conveniently connects to the OBDll port of your vehicle under the dash, giving it access to information such as speed. The SPEED HUD has an adjustable metric, so you can chose between MPH or KMH, and adjust brightness.

The SPEED HUD is an incredibly sleek and small device that is designed to project the speed of your vehicle onto the windshield. With Its small size it makes it easy to keep out of the way. Paired with its modern design, it makes it look great and blend in perfectly with any car interior.

99% of cars have an OBDII port. Make sure your car is compatible before purchasing. Search "(Car Brand / Make / Year) OBDII Port" to find out, Or inquire on our "Contact" page and we can find out for you!

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